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Some Wonders to Ponder

Luke 2:18  And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

Intro: Unfortunately, for many Christians, the miracle of the birth of Christ has lost its wonder.

Sadly, about the only wonder at Christmas time anymore is:

  • wondering who we’re going to buy presents for
  • wondering what we’re going to get them
  • wondering if they are going to like it
  • wondering if they are going to get us anything
  • wondering where we’re going to get the money to pay for it

There are some interesting things to note about these two verses.  All they that heard it wondered at those things, but there was only one that pondered these things.

I find it fascinating that in Isaiah 9:6, it said that he would be called Wonderful.  Immediately after his birth, he was causing all they that heard of him to wonder.

What was it exactly that Mary was pondering in verse 19?  No doubt it was…

I. The Intimacy of the Personal Aspects

            A. She Rehearsed the Meeting with Gabriel – Luke 1:26-33

            B. She Remembered the Miracle of God – Luke 1:34-37

            C. She Realized the Meaning to all Generations – Luke 1:46-54

II. The Intensity of the Public Announcement

            A. The Excitement of the Announcement – vs. 10 good tidings of great joy

In those days of Roman rule, there was precious little to get excited about.  Good news was a rare occasion indeed!  Same applies today, with the headlines screaming bad news every day…

We have all seen the storks, the blue and pink bows, etc, but imagine having angels gather in the heavens to proclaim to the world that YOUR baby had come!!

            B. The Extent of the Announcement – vs. 10b which shall be to all people

For those that think that the gospel becoming available to the Gentiles was an afterthought, think again!!  The angels predicted that His birth would be tidings of great joy to ALL PEOPLE!

Greek word for glad tidings: translated 23 times “preach the gospel”

            C. The Explanation of the Announcement – vs. 11 a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord

The promised Messiah has come. No doubt about it – a Savior has come!!

            D. The Exception of the Announcement – vs. 12 – a king would be laid in manger

Why would an angelic host be so excited about her baby being born, and then tell them that it is lying in a manger; a trough?  Should she be embarrassed?  Mothers put so much emphasis on their baby’s nursery, their clothes, their blankets, etc.  Why did they have to tell the part about her baby being in a nasty manger??

Philippians 2:7  But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:

III. The Interest of the Poor Admirers (the shepherds)

No doubt she wondered why her sons birth would be told to such lowly people.

            A. They Heard the Truth – vs. 8-14 which the Lord hath made known to us (vs. 15)

They didn’t do anything to deserve the wonderful privilege of hearing the truth.   They were just a bunch of filthy, poor commoners.  But God in His mercy came to where they were!!!!

            B. They Heeded the Truth – vs. 15

Compare this to the fact that when the King in Matthew 2:8 heard that a king was born, he didn’t care enough to go himself or send someone.  He told the wise men to find this new king and then come back and tell him where he was. The shepherds said, “Let us now go!!!!”

            C. They Heralded the Truth – vs. 17

God give us some people that are willing to make known abroad the saying WHEN THEY HAVE SEEN IT!!  They didn’t keep it to themselves – they shared the news; the glad tidings.

            This was without the Great Commission – they couldn’t help themselves!!

            D. They Honored the Truth – v. 20

Everything they had seen and heard was JUST AS IT WAS TOLD UNTO THEM!

What they saw and heard compelled them to praise and glorify God.

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